Structure of the Test Workflow Studio


The Test Workflow Studio can be roughly divided into five areas:

  1. Menu bar

    It contains the buttons to manage your projects, run and record workflows, open the home page and give feedback to our team.

  2. Toolbox

    It is required for creating and modifying workflows that have already been loaded and contains the categories flow, activities and workflows by default.

    • Process: Contains process activities such as pauses and loops.
    • Activities: Contains the standard activities and Web activities.
    • Project: Used to manage the open project and the playlist in it.

    Activities from the Sequence and Activities categories can be easily moved to the work area using drag and drop.

  3. Start page The start page of the TWS. It has several options for creating and opening workflows and projects.

    • New project/new workflow: Create a new project or workflow
    • Open project/open workflow: Open an existing project or workflow
    • Last used projects: An overview of the most recently opened projects
    • Further information: References to the user documentation of the TWS

  4. Workspace

    Serves as a design surface for workflows. The individual modules can be arranged within a workflow using drag and drop. The properties can be changed by selecting an activity (see 5. Properties). Variables, arguments and imports can be created and managed in the lower part of the workspace.

  5. Properties

    Display and edit the properties of the selected activity.

  6. Test results

    Shows the execution status of a workflow and its activities.

  7. Overview

    Overview of the opened workflow. Especially helpful when dealing with complex workflows.

  8. Status bar

    Shows the current status of the connection to the server, the number of agents that are connected and how many CAL’s are left on your license.