• The system requirements must be fulfilled
  • Internet connection
  • Administrator permissions on the installation machine

Download the installation package from downloads. Then start the installation by double-clicking on the installation package. Now the installation process starts.


Press ‘Next’


Agree to the terms of the license and then press ‘Next’.


Select the components you want to install and press ‘Next’.


Press ‘Install’


After successful installation press ‘Finish’.

You will find 2 directories under ‘C:\Program Files\Hauertmann IT-Consulting\Test Workflow Studio’:

  1. bin
  2. agent

The ‘bin’ directory contains the studio and the TWS server. In the directory ‘agent’ is the agent. You can now start the components by double-clicking on the application.


Microsoft Edge

To be able to record workflows on the Edge browser, the Microsoft.WebDriver must first be installed as a feature-on-demand for Windows. To do this, the command “DISM.exe /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:Microsoft.WebDriver~~~~” must be executed in an elevated command prompt. If a WSUS is used in your infrastructure, an error message may appear when the command is executed. This is because the Microsoft.WebDriver is not available on your WSUS. Then notify your administrator that the Microsoft.WebDriver is not available on the WSUS. Alternatively, in the Local Group Policy Editor (press Windows+R and type “gpedit.msc”), under “Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/Specify settings for optional component and installation and component repair,” select the setting, then select Windows Update as the source instead of WSUS. Then you have to run the command again.

Test Adapter

The Test Adapter can be called up as a package via the NuGet-Store and integrated into the project.

Install-Package TestWorkflows.TestAdapter