Test results


Once you start executing a workflow, the Studio will generate the results of the execution in real time and, depending on the status - successful, failed, or aborted - it will mark them accordingly.

These results can be found in the bottom bar of the studio:


The individual test results are structured as follows:

  • The date and time of execution, the execution duration and the name of the workflow executed.
  • The agent on which this workflow is executed.
  • The respective activities with the individual execution durations

The test results are listed in a so-called tree view, where each executed test run is displayed as an upper element - i.e. for a better overview you can expand or collapse a test run or elements of test runs that contain further lower elements by clicking on the extension icon to the left of the result.



The test-report consists of up to 3 components:

  • A text file with the results of the test run
  • Screenshots of the web application at the point where errors occurred
  • Dom snapshot: The source code of the web application on which the error occurred.

If the test run does not contain any errors, neither the screenshot nor the Dom snapshot will be exported, but only the result of a test run will be exported to a text file.


The studio offers you several options for exporting complete or individual test results, which you can use either by pressing the respective buttons or by using keyboard shortcuts.


The icons above the test results:

  • Delete the entire contents of the test results
  • Copy the selected element + sub-elements (if any) to the clipboard.
  • Export selected test run to .xml file
  • Export selected test run to .csv file
  • Export selected test run as test-report

To text

  1. Run workflow
  2. Select the respective test result
  3. Press the Copy button above the test results The results are now in the clipboard and can be pasted into any document or similar.

Export to .xml or .csv files

  1. Execute workflow
  2. Select the test run of the test results
  3. Press the XML or CSV button above the test results
  4. Save file

Copy individual elements as text using keyboard shortcuts

  1. Select a single element of the test results
  2. Press Ctrl + C
  3. Single element is in the clipboard as text and can be inserted into any document or similar.

Save as test-report

  1. Run workflow
  2. Choose test run
  3. Press the test-report button
  4. Choose the saving path