Version 0.28.0


  • All components are now stored in the directory: “C:\Program Files\Hauertmann IT-Consulting\TestWorkflowStudio” installed
  • Environment information of the agents is stored in the directory: “C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\TWS\AgentEnvironmentInformation” stored
  • The components can be started without admin rights
  • An incoming rule for the ComServer is automatically created in the firewall.
  • There are checkboxes in the installer to create shortcuts for Agent and Studio in the Start menu and on the desktop.


  • Current version will be shown in the installer


Shared Steps

  • All workflows can be used as shared steps
  • Workflows no longer need to be explicitly marked as shared steps to use them as such
  • Shared steps are referred to relatively by the workflow using them.

Workflow folder

  • Folder structures and their contained workfows can be displayed recursively in the studio.