Version 0.29.0

Remote Deployment Manager

Remote Deployment on Linux

  • Remote deployment of agents on Linux computers using the Remote Deployment Manager is now possible.

Tagging Agents

  • Agents can now be tagged.

Implementation of a splash screen

  • A splash screen associated with a custom mouse pointer indicates that the studio is currently being booted.

Workflow folder

  • All common virtual directories can be integrated and navigated into.


  • Parallel execution on deregistered agents results in corresponding messages in the output.
  • Activities that cannot be merged are no longer overwritten by activities that can be merged.
  • Delete and add stabilized in workflow treeview.
  • File names of folders are displayed completely in the workflow tree.
  • Remote Deployment Manager can roll out components via the Studio.
  • The ComServerService creates log files (default: C:\TWS\LogFiles\ComServerService).
  • Folders with the same initial designation can be included.
  • Referenced workflows can be executed again after saving.