Version 0.30.0

Validation module

  • There is a validation module with the name: “ValidateHtmlElementActivity” in the module box.
  • This block is used to validate the InnerText attribute of an HTML element.
  • In the “Properties” tab, the values for identifying and validating the element can be entered.
  • Currently only “innerText” is supported as ValidationAttribute.

Validation mode

  • When recording, a toolbar is attached at the top of the browser, which can also be collapsed.
  • The validation mode can be switched on and off by clicking the toggle button on this toolbar.
  • In validation mode the highlighting of the elements is blue instead of red as usual.
  • When clicking on an element in validation mode, any events of this element are suppressed and a ValidateHtmlElementActivty is created in the Studio.
  • When the activity is created, the InnerText attribute present at the time is automatically set as the ValidationValue.

Migration of workflows

  • Workflows created with the previous version of the TWS are migrated automatically and are now compatible with the current version.
  • Workflows included in SharedSteps must be migrated manually beforehand. A corresponding note is displayed in the SharedStep.
  • A manual migration takes place by opening the obsolete workflow in the studio and saving the workflow.

Tagging agents

  • There is now the possibility to add tags to an agent which is deployed via the RemoteDeploymentManager.


  • If a Worklfow folder is added to the toolbar that is already present in the toolbar, an appropriate error message is displayed.
  • If referenced workflows are deleted or moved, a matching error message is now displayed in the referencing workflow.