Version 0.32.4

Test Workflow Studio

  • Shortcuts were introduced to simplify the operation of the studio.
  • Workflows can be opened by double-clicking in the Workflow tab.
  • The root folder in the workflow tab can now be displayed in the Explorer.


  • The output of information in the agent has been enhanced.
  • Various stability and performance improvements.

Test adapter

  • The TestAdapter can be integrated into .net framework projects to execute test workflows.
  • Instructions for use are provided on the website under Documentation.
  • The TestAdapter can be found in the internal TestWorkflowStudio feed.


  • Sent KeyCodes were adjusted.
  • Various identifiers have been localized.
  • Recorded actions are now checked for their order.
  • Various fixes for marking text.
  • Gecko driver processes are terminated correctly.
  • Bugfixes for the InternetExplorer-Addin.
  • Various bugfixes within recorded activities.