Version 0.33.0

Test Workflow Studio

  • Workflows are read only during the execution, and can’t be edited
  • Shortcuts can be recorded on web sessions
  • Test results can be exported to xml and csv
  • Test data from .csv or .xls files can be used to fill activities
    • Available test data sources now appear in the toolbox and can be dragged into the workflow
    • Double click automatically opens the file
    • Unfold test data items to see avaiable headers
    • Automatically assign headers of test data sources to propertys of activities by dragging them onto.
      • Only available for PressTextKeyActivity and ValidateHtmlElement activity yet.
      • If saved workflows, which contain arguments, are dragged into test data sequences, they get automatically matched with the headers by naming convention.
Notice: To use test data in workflows, they must be saved before using.