Version 0.34.0

Test Workflow CommandLineInterface CLI

  • A console application is added as feature which can execute workflows.
    • Workflow playlists are of the type *.twp.
    • The console application can be configured with additional arguments (look at the users manual).
    • If a workflow cannot be executed immediately, the workflow will be queued.

Encrypted Connection

  • Test Workflows components communicate now encrypted over the transport-layer.


  • The AgentID is set automatically to the hostname, if the AgentID is not set explicitly.
  • The service address is automatically set to the localhost, if no service address is specified. A customized service address is set as the IP or the server name.

Test Workflow Studio

  • The recording and replay of IFrame content is supported.

Hover Mode

  • The toolbar in the recording process contains a switch for hover mode.
  • The recording of hover animations is supported. Frameworks like Angular are currently not supported.

German translations

  • All english words have been localised and translated.

Test Workflow TestAdapter

  • The execution of workflows can now be integrated in any supported build systems. The needed package is available on