Version 1.57.0

Test Workflow Studio

  • Vertical scrollbar in Project Explorer is now displayed automatically.
  • Project Explorer refreshed automatically after migration of sub-workflow.
  • Copy and pasted Run-On-Agent activities are now functional.
  • Fixed error when creating workflows via the project explorer.
  • The version number of a migrated workflow is now displayed correctly.
  • Updated the browser extensions for chrome to crx3.
  • Popup blocker extension now loads into Firefox.
  • Workflows deleted via windows explorer are removed from the playlist via click on the refresh button.
  • Added migration for subworkflows.
  • In validation mode, texts are not checked for upper and lower case, this is marked with a warning during test execution (only applies to Internet Explorer/Edge).
  • ChromeDriver-update to version 78.
  • Minor bug fixes.