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Automation by the TWS

Test automation with the Test Workflow Studio is a process for automating test activities within development of software. Test automation offers a tremendous acceleration of the development process for complex software with a higher percentage of regression tests and above all a higher software quality due to the increased test coverage.

Test the entire system

There is hardly any software that stands for itself. Most applications communicate and interact with each other. Errors often arise at the micro level of development - but their consequences affect the entire system landscape.

The TWS finds errors across systems. Use cases and processes are tested cross all browsers and all-encompassing in an intuitive user interface depending on each other.

Witness real distributed testing

For us, “real distributed” means that not only one possible workflow is checked for errors, but all possible workflow scenarios of your system are run through simultaneously. With the TWS, you develop tests that take account of every single role of your subsystems and their interdependencies across applications. Thus, cross-system errors can be identified and corrected immediately.